What is insurance for Engineers?  

Engineers insurance is designed to protect your business if something unexpected happens - such as an error causing a financial loss to your client or someone being injured as a result of negligence, either by yourself or an employee. 
HI Commercial provides insurance for Engineers and Engineering companies in Hull and East Yorkshire. This includes chartered engineers, consultants, structural engineers, electrical engineers and mechanical engineers from a variety of sectors. With so many different fields within the sector, there are many different types of risk to consider when it comes to arranging your business insurance. 
The question is, if for example one of your employees has an accident and someone is injured, or you’re served with an expensive claim for damages and legal costs, would you have the funds to be able to pay out and keep the business going? 
At HI Commercial, we have a specialist team with expertise in the Engineering sector, to support your business in Hull and East Yorkshire. We seek out the best possible quotes for your individual requirements, for policies that protect you, your people and your business. Our Engineering Insurance Team is on the other end of the phone to represent you if a claim is made against you. 

Does your current broker ask the right questions? 

For all new clients, at HI Commercial our advisors carry out a full business review to include: employees, equipment, vehicles, plant and machinery, turnover and much more. 
When it’s time to renew, we give you plenty of time to shop around and our team will always visit your business premises to undertake a comprehensive review of your business. This is especially important in the engineering sector as there are many insurance risks associated with your line of work. 

Why choose HI Commercial to insure my engineering business? 

Our specialist engineering insurance team pays close attention to detail. Our thorough approach ensures you will be adequately protected. 
If you are looking for business insurance for the first time, or you are shopping around prior to renewal, we can arrange a comprehensive review which is designed to fully protect you from accidents and/or financial loss. 
As a client of HI Commercial, our specialist Engineering Insurance team will undertake a comprehensive review of your policies at least once each year, to account for any changes within your business. This is vital to ensure you are adequately insured. We also keep in touch by phone, email and through social media to capture any changes that have occurred and might affect your cover during the term of your policy. 
Don’t just take our word for it, check out this video from Stead Engineering. 

What is covered within a policy for Engineers’ Insurance? 

Cover is provided for installed machinery and equipment and the premises based mobile plant including additional machinery of a similar type purchased by the insured during the course of the policy. Machinery and plant could include air compressors, boilers, lifting tables and fork lift trucks. 
From stolen tools and materials to a third party injury, employee claim or death, accidents in the engineering sector are usually expensive to fix. 
If disaster strikes with an accident or incident and you are taken to court, will you have the finances to pay for it? 
Specialist insurance policies for engineers are designed to work as a support barrier, to get you back to business. 

Why do engineers need Professional Indemnity Insurance? 

Engineers require specialist professional indemnity cover to protect against potential compensation claims. 
As an engineer, you will be exposed to risk based upon the design, advice and technical services which you may offer to clients. It is very important to secure appropriate Professional Indemnity cover. 

Employee injuries or illness 

If you employ any staff, you will be legally required to have employers’ liability insurance to protect them. 

The Public 

Legal action claiming for damage to a person or property is usually covered by builders’ public liability insurance. 

Equipment loss and/or damage 

Cover for your business contents, tools and plant can help you get back on your feet in the event of a claim. 

Damage or loss of equipment 

In the case that your equipment is lost/stolen or damaged, insurance to cover your equipment can help to protect the associated cost of replacement. This helps to keep your business running on a day-to-day basis. 

Hired equipment 

If you hire tools, equipment and/or machinery, business insurance can help to keep your operations running smoothly. 

What is public liability insurance for engineering firms? 

Public liability cover is designed to protect engineering firms against claims for third party injuries and property damage. We can also include additional cover for equipment and tools, to pay the cost of legal expenses, all depending on your individual business needs. 

Do I need Employers’ Liability Insurance for my engineering firm? 

Yes. Employers’ liability insurance is a legal requirement for employers in your sector. 

How do I choose insurance? 

Having the right type and level of business insurance for your engineering firm can be the difference between receiving a payout for your claim paid, or having to pay for it out of your own bank account. 
For the removal of all doubt, please contact our specialist Engineering Insurance team on 01482 247 477 or email [email protected]. You can also join our Live Chat which is available at the footer on this website. 
HI Commercial also offers flexible payment options if you prefer to pay monthly or a one-off payment. 
Our clients are of utmost importance to us so if disaster strikes, we’ll be at your service, at your side — commercial insurance with a personal touch. 
For immediate cover or to discuss your engineering insurance requirements with a member of our team please call 01482 247 477 or email [email protected]
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