The insurance industry believes that as a result of Covid-19, routine working practices will change for good and that many professionals, will choose to work from home, if not permanently, at least for a number of days each month. 

Cyber attacks are already on the increase and while we have seen an increase in the number of policies taken-up over the last couple years, cyber attacks are affecting a wide variety of businesses - large and small as they are targeted by unscrupulous organisations who aim to make money from suffering. 
When business operations return to something more familiar, we believe attitudes towards flexible working could have changed permanently, having an impact on the need for cyber liability and digital insurance policies. 
Our industry is finding that the risk of cyber attacks is increasing. Simply because employees don’t have the same levels of protection in their home as at business premises. Leaving a business wide open to potential attacks. 

A recent article in Insurance Age highlighted the risks we want to make you aware of: 


Cyber criminals are not affected by the lockdown, instead, innocent people are easy pickings. While one quarter of the world is staying at home, hackers are busier than ever, taking advantage of people when attention had focused on shifting business operations to home-working. 
The article does mention two ransomware groups who ‘agreed’ not to attack medical institutions during the pandemic. However, a number of attacks have affected urgent hospital surgeries in the Czech Republic, as a result of this type of targeting. 


The risk of hacking has increased for all types of business and unfortunately, criminals will continue with their work in order to make money. 

Scam Emails: 

These have been in circulation recently and we have heard about local businesses who lost out financially as a result. Is vital to be more vigilant when opening emails, especially those appearing to be sent by a colleague requesting an urgent reply, or quick invoice payment. Always check the reply email address, it will be obvious if the original sender is not the person you thought. 
If you haven’t already, please do mention these types of emails to your colleagues. We are aware of people who have paid fake invoices worth thousands of pounds. Others have downloaded malicious attachments, causing IT networks to fail. 

Cyber attack: 

Now is an opportune time for an attack with unused mailboxes of furloughed employees. These can be hacked and data breached. Therefore, now is the time for your IT company to ensure all of your team members are secure, whether they are continuing to work from home, or have been furloughed. 
If you haven’t already got Cyber Liability Insurance the small cost of cover now, could be a drop in the ocean in the event of an attack. On top of everything that is happening now, could your business cope with a breach in your system? 
If you are not sure about your commercial insurance policies, please call HI Commercial on 01482 247 477 for peace of mind that you will be protected at all costs. At your service, at your side – commercial insurance with a personal touch. 
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