We have written a list of common fallacies we hear when new clients ask us to review their current policies. 

Business insurance is a complex area which requires a thorough approach to avoid making assumptions that you are covered for certain events, when in fact you are not. You cannot afford to make mistakes that could cost you time, money and even your livelihood. 
We have written a list of common fallacies we hear when new clients ask us to review their current policies. 
1. Public Liability cover up to £1m: as public liability claims for injury and damage to personal property are a more regular occurrence, it is vital to ask your broker about greater indemnity limits. Many examples of claims are higher than £1m. 
2. Home-based business: if you work from home, your home insurance does not automatically cover your business equipment and operations. If you are reading this while working from your home office and have ticked the ‘place of residence’ box, you may not be protected in the case of a fire, flood, burglary or any other type of incident. 
3. Cyber attacks, are they covered by business interruption?: this is not the case. Don’t find out the hard way, as your business interruption cover will not protect you if you have to close the doors of your business for any period of time, following a cyber attack. 
With 1 in 2 businesses experiencing an attack, it really could be you. 
4. Business on tour: UK insurance doesn’t usually extend cover when you are travelling abroad for business. You will require business trip cover. 
5. Tools left in a vehicle overnight: leaving tools in a works’ van overnight will be entirely at your own risk as they will not be covered by any of your insurance, unless you have specifically requested for overnight theft cover from an unattended vehicle. Even then strict policy conditions can apply in relation to where the vehicle is kept which means you may still not be covered! 
If you are not sure about your commercial insurance policies, please call HI Commercial on 01482 247 477 for peace of mind that you will be protected at all costs. At your service, at your side – commercial insurance with a personal touch. 
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